Invisible Door Concealed Hinges and Accessories

These hidden hinges are designed to give architectural doors a clean, minimal look that doesn’t add visual clutter to a space. This makes them well-suited for upscale residential and commercial environments that demand more focused attention to design.

These 3-way adjustable invisible door hinges are the perfect solution for flush to the wall applications while providing an easy installation and lift-off feature. They are available in multiple finishes and have a 3-hour fire rating.

Please contact our technical team experts to learn more about any of the concealed door hinges featured here, or if you have inquiries on any of our products.

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Door Max. Thickness (mm)

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Max. Door Thickness (mm)

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Bar Diameter (mm)

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Load Capacity (kg)

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Glass Thickness (mm)

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Load Capacity (kgf)

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Center to Center Length (mm)

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Load Capacity (lbs)

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Magnetic Force (lbs)

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Holding Force (lbs)

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Retaining Force (lbs)

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Push In Force (lbs)

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Door Max Height (inch)

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Door Min. Height (inch)

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Door Max. Weight (lbs)

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Door Min. Height (inch)

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Door Max. Weight (lbs)

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Door Max. Width (inch)

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Door Min. Width (inch)

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Door Min. Thickness (inch)

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Door Max Torque (lb-in)

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Door Min Torque (lb-in)

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Load Capacity (lbs/pair)

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Load Range (lbs/pr)

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Handle Depth (inches)

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Damper Torque (lbs-in)

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Torque Variation (lbs-in)

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Positive Catch

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Positive Lock

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Positive Stop

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Soft Close

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For Drywall

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Undermount Hook

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Multi-Prong Hook

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Million Lock

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Master Keying Availability

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Concealed Hinges and Accessories by Sugatsune

We feature hidden hinges and accessories in a variety of materials, finishes, and applications, depending on your project’s specific requirements. Explore our invisible door hinges in dull chrome, dull nickel, black, white, and polished nickel. Sugatsune hinges are noted for their easy adjustments and lift-off features.

Innovative Design Since 1930

For generations, Sugatsune has been developing innovative hardware suitable for any environment. From unique furniture hinges and hardware to our signature soft-close technology, all Sugatsune products feature an uncompromising design sense and utilize an innovative approach to engineering, as you can see with our hidden hinges.

Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified and features hardware and hinges specially graded for use aboard marine vessels and aircraft, as well as products suitable for home interiors, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities. In addition to our concealed door hinges, explore over 6,000 products for sale through our national wholesalers and retailers.

Learn more about any of the invisible door hinges here by consulting our digital resources, which contain product literature and CAD files, or contact us for assistance.

For other hinges besides our hidden hinges, check out our architectural door hinges or cabinet door hinges.