Clean Room Hinges

Clean room hinges are designed specifically for environments that must limit or prevent particle emissions. Sugatsune creates these specialized hinges for certain rooms that must be kept either sterile or free of particle contamination, even from components as small as metal door hinges.

Among Sugatsune’s broader collection of Specialty Enclosure Hinges, these components are suitable for use in medical and industrial facilities such as research laboratories, factories, and processing plants. Please consult our technical experts to inquire about these hinges or any of our architectural and industrial products.

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All Products 8

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Clean Room Hinges by Sugatsune

Clean hinges are designed with plastic casings, which prevent metal particle contamination for environments in which air must be kept at a precise sanitary level. Even the best conventional hinges with smooth, ease of movement produce minor friction as metal components come into contact with one another. This may produce trace particles to be released into the air. However, with plastic bushings, clean room hinges prevent minute particle dust from contaminating the air around doors.

Commercial Uses

Our hinges are perfect for commercial and industrial use. Used in factories, laboratories, educational research institutions, and medical facilities, clean room hinges are the perfect solution when cleanliness and sterility are of utmost importance to your space. Our hardware is carefully designed with the unique needs of your institution in mind.

Precision Engineering Since 1930

Sugatsune is a global leader in design and innovation, with a heritage built on precision-engineering. From soft-close hinges to unique designs for custom furniture and cabinetry and door systems, Sugatsune products are noted for their ease of use and long-lasting durability.

Sugatsune America is AS9120 B and ISO9001; 2015 certified, featuring a broad range of hardware suitable for use in any residential, commercial, or industrial project. Explore over 6,000 products available through nationwide wholesalers and online retailers.
To learn more about any of the clean room hinges featured here, please review our digital resources, featuring comprehensive product literature and CAD files.